I am a leaf in the wind, watch me soar.

With that image, I would like to welcome the guests to my website. My name is Varya, and I am an artist and graphic designer (still working on that portfolio) and this is my site demonstrating works. I live in Canada, and I am an immigrant however I’ve been in North America since the tender age of 8. Consider me a 1.5 generation rootless individual.

I have sun in Cancer and an anaretic Aquarian moon. An interest in dreams, paranormal, astrology, meditation, fringe psychology, politics, energy work, science, sociology, and quite obviously – aesthetics, photography, fine arts and design. It’s quite a smorgasbord but this site is primarily dedicated to the aesthetic side of things rather than my political opinions.

Many of these works displayed are sold, but prints are occasionally available by request. The graphic design section once formed will simply contain completed projects that are not for sale but as part of the portfolio.

I am always open to questions and requests. Please write to the email that is displayed by title, and which I provide here, otherwise I am not likely to get your inquiries until it is much too late.


2 replies to “About

  1. HELLO

    Good Day,I Am Potter Taylor from NC. I am writing to inquire about your artwork which i actually observed my wife viewing on my computer.i must confess you got a lovely and amazing piece! my wife is an artwork lover in all it divine and i can see she has interest in your work,i wanna surprise her by purchasing a beautiful art piece as a gift from your collections as her birthday and our wedding anniversary is fast approaching please you can get to me on available work on my email (pottertaylor5050@gmail.com) Cheers


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